Sunday, February 24, 2013

L’Oréal Paris Magic BB cream review

Hello Sugar Critters, I'm back with my review of L’Oréal Paris Magic BB cream. I received this product compliments of Shespeaks in exchange for my honest opinion, and blog review. I'd say that was more than a fair exchange. I apologize in advance if the pictures I provide aren't of the best quality. I'm having a bit of a lighting issue in candy land this week. Honestly due to being sick this was the first day I haven't been green around the gills in a while. So no judging the bad hair, I look like I was hit by the same twister that took out Dorthy. All this aside I'll start my review.

Included within the package were:

  • One information card. This explained the product, and sharing instructions.
  • One full size 1.0fl oz  L’Oréal paris Magic BB cream in the shade light
Product instructions, and tips:

  • All-in-one product - Prime, perfect, hydrate, and correct skin tone
  • Apply by dotting on and blending with fingertips.
  • Products self-adjusting beads transform your skin tone instantly.
Feel free to follow @LOrealParisUSA & @SheSpeaksUp for more information, and tips.

My take on the product, and tips are as follows:

I was excited to try this product. I love  L’Oréal products so I had high expectations for this BB cream. I have to admit I'm not as thrilled with this product as I had hoped I'd be. I will say that it is still a good product however. There are a few things that stand out about this BB cream to me. It has a decent wear time. It does seem to match to your skin tone within reason. Though I believe that it has better coverage, and color when applied with a foundation brush instead of your fingertips. In my video I pointed out problem I found with applying with fingertips. I had the infamous orange ring of doom appear. Not a happy camper when that happens. I feel that you end up applying far too much of the product this way. I'm also a big "Don't put your fingers all over your face!" sort of gal. 

As far as hydration goes I'm not very certain how true I would say this claim is. When I don't moisturize before using I have "snake skin" spots as I call them. The little dry patches that are noticeable under your makeup. Not a big fan of that at all. I'd recommend using your favorite skin moisturizer beforehand.

I could see this product being used as a primer or concealer. It does mask the small imperfections well. I noticed my eye shadow wore very well when I applied the BB cream to my lids. It also made my under eye seem brighter, which made me look less tired. That's always a plus. 

Truth be told I think you could find a better BB cream. My biggest "really?" moment came when I realized this BB cream didn't contain a sun screen. That was a bit of a let down. You do get a decent bang for your buck with this product though. It retails for $10.95, and is widely available. L’Oréal also tends to have great rebates, and offers. I'll link you below to a $10 mail in rebate for more of their great BB cream products.  

I'd recommend this product to people with oily, to slightly dry skin. If you have acne related blemishes I may recommend you use a BB cream designed for fuller coverage from the same brand. 

Overall rating to me is an (8). I'll list what my individual ratings for coverage etc, below.
Rating 0-10. 
0 - being dissatisfied, 10 Very satisfied.

Coverage: 8
Hydration: 3
Shade adjusting beads true to your shade: 8
Length of wear: 8
Corrects skin tone: 8

 Shade: Light
Left - Before with moisturizer, Right - BB cream with gloss, and lash blast mascara (taken closer than 1st) 
My YouTube video unboxing / review.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Johnny's Viral Video: JustFab Shoes & Handbags Video + Contest

Oh silly Sugar Critters, did you really think I wouldn't have more sweet deals for you this month? I couldn't just bring a new subscription to your attention, and not bring you something candy coated to go with it. Watch the video below to get a good feel for the dance involved in the contest.  Details for the contest are listed below.

JustFab has another great contest going on. Watch the video above 'JustFab Shoez 'N Handbagz'. Then submit a video response on Youtube. The video should feature yourself and your friends rocking the JohnnyFab's 'Shoez 'N Handbagz' dance. When judging begins Johnny will select three winners for a grand prize of $1000 cash. Hurry the contest ends on March 3rd, sugar critters. So go get fierce and show them where your sugar's at.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Take on 'The Taste: Tuesday at 8|7c on ABC"

Sugar Critters are you ready to take your taste buds on a tantalizing safari of flavor? Has the Winter months left you craving some satisfying television you can sink your teeth into? Well, look no further I have the show for you. The Taste airs again tonight on ABC at 8/7c. I'll provide you with a link to last weeks episode Daring Pairings.

In my honest opinion this show has the makings of an eaters dream come true, wrapped in bacon with a side of drama sauce. The cast of Mentors alone is enough to send you into food glory overload. How could you not be excited with a list of people like my favorite Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Brain Malarkey? Each week there will also be at least one guest mentor to help blind taste the dishes. The winner of the guest blind taste will win immunity, and are safe for the day. My favorite part of this line up of food geniuses is they don't know who the food they taste belongs to so there will be no favoritism here my sweet friends. The panel judges all contestants as equals from chef to home cooks in a blind taste test. Watch and be amused by their antics at the tasting table. From sipping wine, to arguments, to ah but you said. It's definitely worth your time.

Each one of out Taste Mentors started out with a group of four contestants to coach during this competition. Each week the four lowest scoring will face the Mentors, and two will go home. However this only happens after they secretly lock in all their votes while the lowest scoring contestants stand behind the vault doors. Once they have all voted the doors open revealing who they've picked. What are they competing for? 100,000 dollars sponsored by Hellman's Mayo, and the 2013 Ford CMax. Little side note of all four teams the only team that has not suffered a team member being axed belongs to Anthony Bourdain. Am I bias? Yes! Go team Bourdain!  Come join us tonight and place your bets on who will go home. P.S I love team Nigella, as well. She believes that good food doesn't have to come from a cookbook. I can completely get behind that idea. I feel that food is often driven by passion and raw emotions. Good food should be created, not copied in my opinion.

Want more delicious details? Head over to Twitter and check out the details from the @Influenster @TheTasteABC twitter party. #TasteTuesday. Best part 9 more  round trip tickets to give away in the coming weeksStay involved and maybe you'll have the chance to meet your favorite Mentor. 

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Monday, February 18, 2013

JustFab is fabulous

Hello Sugar Critters, lets get down to the nitty gritty and talk about shoes. I love them, and would trade my husband for the right pair some days. I know I know that's a bit "obsessive". I just can't help myself though. There's just something magical about a great pair of shoes. Honestly I can't say that shoes have ever done me wrong other than on occasion make my feet ache. That's a much better track record than people have. I'm just saying when even the movies you watch growing up teach you the right pair of shoes can change your life, you get a little excited. I for one get giddy over shoe sales. Now this little tid bit today isn't so much a sell as it is a subscription. From the flood of Youtube videos lately we all know how addicting subscription boxes are. Well this one is worth the hype to me.

I recently tried a new service called JustFab. I've used the service for two months now, and I have to say I'm very pleased. You will receive your first pair for $20.00. If you are satisfied with your order and choose to stay with their service you'll be billed a monthly charge of $39.95. This charge is applied even if you don't have an item or pair of shoes selected. This charge is then credited to your account for a future purchase. Woah now don't go prissy pants on me. Give me a minute to get to the good part. If for some reason you aren't happy with the selections that month, or just don't have the room in your budget that moth you can skip it. You MUST log into your boutique when it becomes available between the 1st and 5th of each month. Once you do so you will notice below your boutique login you will see the option to skip. Once you have selected it, it will change to say you've skipped. You will also receive and email letting you know you've skipped for the month. Changed your mind about skipping? No problem you can go back and change it. Need help from customer service? It's available 24/7 call (866-337-0906) or use Live chat to speak to a representative.

Want even more reasons to go check them out today? Of course you do, I'm just being silly. Right now they are having their President's Day Sale. One day left but you could get two items for the price of $49.95. That's too good to pass up. Wait that's not all! You have the chance to win a years worth of free shoes just by connecting your Facebook account. Go get those shoes ladies! Or if you want to be extremely generous you could send me an email, and I'll be happy to send you an invitation link. Because remember you sassy little candy canes you can earn free shoes by inviting friends.  

Below are the three orders I've placed. I absolutely love, love, love my Lacey days bag. I have to carry a lot of things with me so it works out great that this bag is so large. On the inside there are little pockets to put things like your cell, and small items, and one zip pocket on the opposite side. So there isn't a lot of defined storage space, but plenty of room for large items. It also came packaged in a huge dust cover bag. very big plus for storage.

My Emmy boots are another fav. Their shoes seem to be very true to the size, so I would recommend measuring your calves for boots like these that slip on. They are a little tight in the toes but they seem to be breaking in nicely. Don't forget to look for the nice little pads they offer for the heels and balls of your feet.

My Shawn boots are so great. They're comfortable, easy to zip, and true to the picture. I'm very happy with this purchase. Unlike the picture however they are not rigid. They are very soft, so make sure to put them on a stand or cut pool noodles to fit in your darlings so they don't slouch and crease.

             Overall Rating: A +
  • Quick Delivery
  • Well Packaged
  • Easy to Track
  • Live Chat Customer Service +very friendly
Be sure to head over to Twitter and follow them @JustFabCares
Or on Instagram _Just_Fab_ or justfabonline
Don't forget to check out their Facebook page for more info on upcoming events.
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Emmy - Left- Out of stock  Shawn - Right - Black
*Skipping Example Image*

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Global Green USA Green School Makeover Competition Presented by Pureology

Hello Sugar Critters I'm finally back. Yes, I know I'm here much later than I promised. In all fairness I'll most likely be late to my own funeral one day. That aside I have a wonderful topic to share with you today. I'll recap with you about Influenster quickly, and proceed from there. is a free site who offers their members complimentary products for trial through either product programs or VoxBox trials. When you receive either of these you must complete the mandatory task that include a final product survey. Failure to complete these task from a trial you opt-in for means disqualification from future free product trails.

I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in the Pureology Green School Makeover Competition. This trial is a little different than most because you won't actually receive a product. However, you are given a chance to enter your child's school into the Green Makeover Competition. Over the past few years the green revolution has grown, and people are really making strides to make mother Earth a better place for future generations. Pureology has stated that they are committed to the importance of sustainability, and reducing their environmental impact. In order to help children increase their performance and lower their carbon footprint they are offering schools across America the chance to win a Green makeover. These improvements will also lead to an increase in funds for student resources. Which I find to be an opportunity that shouldn't be wasted.

I started teaching my children from a young age the importance of recycling, and green choices. I have found this to be a bit of a struggle over the last two years. The reason for this being we lived in the state of California, for many years and things were different there. We had recycling services with our garbage service. As well as motivations to eat and live better such as the fat tax, and recyclable tax on grocery products. Honestly the taxes felt a bit much to be honest, but they did encourage me to stay away from fast food chains. I'll reel this back onto topic though. The connivance of recycling pickup made it seem like less of a chore, and gave me the opportunity to teach my children to not be wasteful. In Georgia, I do not have waste pick-up nor recyclable pick-up. However, my local dump has select bins for such items. Which do not seem to be well utilized. Which makes me feel as though people view it as too much of a hassle to deal with. I've also found there are fewer organic local sources to purchase produce in my area at least. I understand this to be a agricultural state, but I feel like they aren't doing themselves justice by updating their way of thinking and business tactics. So much seems stale and begging for some green updates, and improvements. This really hits home with the school systems for me. So many of Georgia's rural towns have low budgets, and could benefit from the revenue of green services.

My children attend a relatively newer school, but there are areas for improvement. The green School Makeovers goal is to give children a safe, toxin free, and comfortable learning environment. Many schools across our country lack the funds necessary for renovations, and updates. There are so many things that could be utilized to improve a child's learning experience down to the lighting, and cleaning products used in their environment. Make a list of green ideas for your home, and child's school. Research the benefits of these ideas, and the cost. What ideas did you decide to go with, and why?

Here are a few of ours:

  • Compost bin $55.70 @ Walmart - I garden, and my children enjoy vegetables that I grow. I hate the idea of using bagged fertilizer with chemicals on items they consume. I also find it disturbing that potatoes bought from the store have the potential to contain so many pesticides due to their thin skin. Strawberries leech pesticides from the soil as well. Another stomach turning fact is most canned tomatoes are peeled with chemicals not steam. Not to mention most cans are lined with a plastic that contains BPA.
  • Recycle everything possible, and try to buy products without unnecessary packaging. Why buy that package of pre-cut apple when you can buy an entire bag for the same price and cut them yourself? Did they really need to be bagged, and sealed in a cardboard container?
  • No more sodas - They ruin your teeth, and lead to numerous health issues. They also result in another item needing to be recycled.
  • Purchase a Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters: Starter Kit - Did you know many of your household items generate dirty electricity which can adversely effect your health? Many of the newer florescent lightbulbs are guilty of emitting dirty energy. 

School ideas:

  • Up cycle art day - Use recyclable items for art projects at least twice a month to save on supply cost and expand creativity.
  • School garden - Teaches responsibility, and additional recycling abilities. 
  • Green cleaning supplies - many children suffer from asthma, and asthma related allergies. Being the mother of such a child I know that some cleaning products can be very agitating  to the system. There have been so many advances in green cleaning in the last year that it seems a shame not to use them. This benefit is as much for the cleaning staff as for the children. No one should have to dress for battle to clean. If a product can harm your skin, lungs, or sight what are we doing using them near our precious children?
  • Electronic white boards - no chalk, no dry erase markers, just a stylus and a electronic device. It would cut down on paper consumption, and keep the children actively engaged in the topic. 

There are so many other examples I could provide. I feel like I've been a bit long winded as is though. So I'll leave you honey coated sugar bees with the link to the Green School Makeover Competition, and encourage you to add a little green to your life. There's nothing wrong with a little organic sweetness after all.